Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table

Custom bourbon barrel coffee table.



Each table is unique because each table is made from a used Bourbon barrel. Each barrel ages differently based on a few factors: height of storage in the warehouse, time of year it is initially placed, number of years it spends aging bourbon in the warehouse (from 4-18 years). Unless customer states otherwise, I leave as much of the aged patina on the barrel as I can, so long as it doesn’t present a safety hazard.

Custom bourbon barrel coffee table.  Hinged top with storage space inside.

White oak top.

Note- All products are custom built from the moment you place an order.  Photos are representative only as all wood products have slight variations in wood grain, color, and texture.

Please contact us for additional customization options. Customization will incur an additional cost.

Dimensions: 32″W x 40″L” 16-18″H

Local pick only.

Size Chart

Dimensions: 32"W x 40"L" 16-18"H